Square Enix Latinoamérica busca un Associate Project Manager

Una oportunidad para profesionales con experiencia en el proceso de desarrollo integral de videojuegos

D.F., México. 20 de diciembre 2012.- SQUARE ENIX Recluta gente de toda América Latina desde el momento de la publicación presente para ser parte de nuestro equipo de desarrollo de juegos. La descripción del empleo es:

Title: Associate Project Manager

Domain: Mobile and Social games

Job role:

  • Manage external game development from concepts to gold master to post-production.
  • Manage development budget, schedule, and team allocation.
  • Should be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Take day-to-day responsibility for establishing and managing the overall project plan, setting and meeting milestones, managing milestone deliverables, reporting progress to his superiors.

*If his performance is outstanding, it is possible to be promoted to Project Manager at an early stage.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Management of project duties including execution and delegation of team tasks.
  • Control the project budgets.
  • Oversee external team members.
  • Oversee external team schedules to meet deadlines.
  • Quickly identify project obstacles and provide practical solutions.
  • Maintaining relationships with concerned platform owners.

Key Requirements:

  • Must have experiences of full game development cycle.
  • Experience giving direction on priorities for resources and effectively providing time management support.
  • Should be a good leader and a great facilitator with strong communication skills & problem solving skills.
  • Ability to quickly build rapport with external team members and Producers.
  • Technical knowledge and background extremely helpful.
  • Familiarity with Quality Assurance testing.
  • Knowledge/experience in driving post-production including PR, marketing, game content update/service/maintenance activities will be preferable.
  • Availability to change his country of residence if necessary.
  • Proficient in English and Spanish with Portuguese as a plus.


Competitive salary:

  • To be negociated. 

You should send an application form along with your resume explaining how you fit with each of the requirements with the appropriate credentials and/or experience to

Es el siguiente paso en los esfuerzos de SQUARE ENIX por trabajar con Latinoamérica, por favor ayúdennos difundiendo el presente comunicado. 

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