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Soldiers without borders.

We will forsake our countries.

We will leave our motherlands behind us

and become one with this earth.

We have no religion, no philosophy, no ideology.

We go where we’re needed,

fighting not for country, not for government,

but for ourselves.

We need no reason to fight.

We fight because we are needed.

We are one of the most lethal forces on earth.

We will be the deterrent for those

with no other recourse.

We are soldiers without borders,

our proporse defined by the era we live in.

We will sometimes have to sell

ourselves and services.

If the times demand it, we’ll be revolutionaries,

criminals, terrorists.

And yes, we may all be headed straight to hell.

But what better place for us than that?

It’s our only home.

Our heaven and our hell.

This is Kulabia. And there is no place for mogolics.

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