Se viene Jagged Alliance 3 y ¡Jagged Alliance 3D!

2 empresas se pusieron de acuerdo para hacerme el hombre más feliz del mundo… primero, la noticias de System Shock 2 (lean mikos) y ahora esto… sólo falta algo sobre Fallout y me puedo morir tranquilo (después de jugarlos obvio). En la pagina Jagged Alliance Galaxy (recomendadísima) hay una noticia fresca sobre JA3 en la portada (que la pego abajo). También, si hacen ticky en JA3 pueden ver todas las NEWS y KNOWN FACTS sobre el desarrolo de este nuevo episodio de la saga que se llama Jagged Alliance: 3D, mientras preparan otro llamado Jagged Alliance 3 ¡Wiiiiiiiii!

¿No me creen que está en desarrollo?, miren estas babientas fotos:

English now follows…

“Strategy First” has accepted design documentation for the game, so we have contacted with Yaroslav Astakhov – head of the developers team and he has provided some details: The size of game locations will be 200×200 meters. You cannot destroy walls, but furniture and doors will be destroyable. There will be multy-storey buildings You can freely rotate camera or switch to o­ne of several fixed positions. The story takes place in Africa in 1990-s Character development and combat mechanics will be exactly the same as in original game (weapon improvement possibilities will also remain). There's no final decision o­n looting yet – whether dead enemies will retain all their equipment or not. Character inventory will remain the same as in original game, but will be hidden until opened, as well as character screen. Actual work will be started in september, and release date will be announced later.

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